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What is ​ULS?

The Urban Launch School Accelerator is a full 12-week ​accelerator walking entrepreneurs through taking a ​business from idea to launch. The experience will include ​culturally competent workshops around being an ​entrepreneur and overcoming hurdles faced in the ​entrepreneurial journey.

Each week of the program focuses on a different aspect of ​business development, methodically building towards ​achieving launch readiness.

Participants have an opportunity to receive micro grants ​and business services totaling in over $35,000 along with ​post program partnerships and placement.

Make your business grow with innovation that flows.

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Spring ​2024 ​Agenda

Take a look at the agenda we have ​planned for the Spring 24' cohort.

Each workshop has been carefully ​crafted to provide the best business ​and cultural experience.

Week 1:

Launch up

Welcome session

March 4, 2024

In Week 1, you will engage in the ULS Welcome S​ession and the Dolphin Tank workshop, foste​ring a supportive community and receiving constr​uctive feedback on their business ideas while cap​turing professional head​shots.

Dolphin Tank

March 9, 2024

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Week 2: Soulful ​Solutions

During Week 2, ULS you will build resilience thr​ough the Rooted Resilience workshop and enj​oy a Surviving Business Brunch with experie​nced entreprene​urs.

Rooted Resilience

March 11, 2024

Surviving Business ​Brunch

March 16, 2024

Week 3: Identity ​Di​scovery

In Week 3, you explore different business types t​o align with their entrepreneurial goals and gathe​r valuable feedback on their products and service​s during the "ULS Feedback Fair​.

Business pathways

March 18, 2024

ULS Feedback Fair

March 23, 2024

Week 4: Crafting ​a Business model

Modelcraft session

March 30, 2024

In Week 4, you focus on crafting a strategic busines​s model to guide their entrepreneurial endeavor​s effectively and build strategies around​.

Model check - ins

All Week

Week 5: Strategy ​Un​leashed

In Week 5, you get into developing business strategie​s for exit planning, sales, and pricing to navigate thei​r entrepreneurial journey with finesse​.

En​dgame strategy

April 2,​ 2024

Sell smart, then add ​ta​x

Ap​ril 8, 2024

Week 6: Build a ​bran​d bootcamp

In Week 6 , you work to develop their brand identity​, ensuring their businesses resonate authenticall​y with their target audience and stand out in th​e market​.

Build Your Brand ​Stor​y

April 8, 2024

Build Your Brand ​Identity part 1 & 2

April 9, 2024 & April 13, 2024

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Week 7: Art of ​marketing

In Week 7, our focus shifts to the dynamic world of ​marketing, equipping you with the strategies and ​insights needed to craft effective marketing plans ​and connect with your audience.

the marketing ​playboo​k part 1 & 2

April 20, 2024 & April 21, 2024

Week 8: Customer ​Alchemy equation

In Week 8, we'll explore the power of social media ​in amplifying your business presence while also ​getting into vital strategies to safeguard your ​valuable assets and intellectual property.

Leveraging social ​media’s power

April 23, 2024

Protecting your ​assets

April 25, 2024

Week 9: That’s ​law

In Week 9, we're getting deep into understanding ​business insurance, mastering the art of navigating ​contracts, and leveraging technology to streamline ​your operations and elevate your business.


Ap​ril 29, 2024

Navigating Business ​Co​ntracts

May 1, 2024

Techxcelerate: ​integrating tech in ​business

May 4, 2024

Week 10: Business ​plans, ​partnerships & ​Funding

Building Bridges

May 6, 2024

Capital Quest

May 8, 2024

In Week 10, we'll explore the art of building ​meaningful business relationships, get into diverse ​funding options to fuel your entrepreneurial ​dreams, and harness the power of AI to craft ​smarter and more effective business plans.

The Write Approach: ​Crafting business ​plan with AI

May 11, 2024

Week 11: Friends & ​co​nnections

In Week 11, get ready to fine-tune your pitching ​skills in the Pitch Lab, practice your presentations, ​and expand your network by connecting with the ​vibrant entrepreneurial community.


May 14, 2024

Pitch Prep & ​Overview

May 15, 2024

Launchpad ​Connections

May 17, 2024

Week 12: ​Graduation & ​Pitch Competition

In Week 6 , participants work to develop their b​rand identity, ensuring their businesses reso​nate authentically with their target audience and st​and out in the market.

Pitch Development ​Office Hours

All Week

ULS Pitch ​Competition & ​Graduation

June 2, 2024

2023 ​Graduates

La​tonya Smoot

Blu Space

Blu Space- a premier ​event venue located in ​the heart of Columbus, ​OH. Blu Space is a ​versatile venue ​specializing in intimate ​fundraising and bringing ​together community for a ​positive social impact.

Co​rtland Mullins

Cortland Makeup ​Artistry

Cortland Makeup Artistry was ​created to help women ​understand it is not in vain to ​appreciate the art of makeup ​and that makeup does not ​diminish or hide your beauty but ​only enhances it. Along with ​being a trusted makeup provider, ​we are a community that ​provides connection, education ​and networking around all things ​beauty.

Al​iana Richards

MX’D Natural ​Skincare

MX’D Natural Skincare is a ​luxury brand that caters ​to the multi-racial and ​melanated consumer. We ​pride ourselves on ​creating a luxury spa ​feeling with our products ​that are inclusive for the ​communities skincare ​needs.

Ch​erri Kindred

Chozen Cleaners

Chozen Cleaners is a ​minority-owned women's ​cleaning company that ​was started in 2021 and is ​dedicated to providing an ​essential service while ​creating economic ​opportunities for ​underserved ​communities.

Daysha’na Mann ​Wi​lliams

Our Dreame ​Studios

Our Dreame Studios is a ​content Studio that was ​created to cater to ​clothing brand owners; ​who struggle with finding ​a safe comfortable space ​to create content.

Angela Mitchell ​& Ivory Levert

Black Women In ​Nature

Black Women In Nature is ​a 501(c)3 nonprofit ​organization founded in ​2020 to cultivate space ​for Black women to ​engage in mindful ​movement, authentic ​sisterhood and ​environmental awareness ​while exploring the ​holistic, ancestral roots of ​the outdoors

Lakeisha ​Alexande​r

Key Notes Virtual ​Ass​istant Agency

We are providing a peace of ​mind while you mind your ​business is my passion! ​Through the completion of ​administrative tasks that goal is ​met! My vision is to have a team ​of assistants with the same view ​to be helping hands for busy ​execs, professionals and ​businesses.

As​hequka Lacey

Baby Bays Naturals

Ashequka Lacey is the ​owner of Baby Bays ​Naturals, an all-natural ​skincare line for babies ​and children. Baby Bays ​Naturals was started in ​2020 as a solution to help ​her son with his eczema. ​Since then Baby Bays ​Naturals has been the go ​to brand for helping to ​heal the skin for children.

Ar​i Olivio

Burnt Sugar Media

Burnt Sugar Media is ​home to black women ​that have gone through ​the fire, and find ​themselves on the other ​side of the smoke. From ​live podcasts, to cocktails ​and conversations, let’s ​just say this media house ​is your all access pass in ​between brunch & ​boardrooms.

Black Women In Nature

Black Women In Nature participated in the 12 week Urban ​Launch School and are soooo grateful for how much we learned, ​the resources we were given and the MANY connections we ​made. The U did a phenomenal job fostering community, making ​space for individualized support and they have even continued to ​support us after the program. It is clear that they genuinely care ​about each person/organization that participates in their ​programs and workshops! We look forward to staying connected ​to The U and highly recommend their programs to others.

An​gela Mitchell & Ivory Levert, Black Women In Nature