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We need ​mentors,

business experts, ​facilitators!

We build strength ​through our community

We are looking for community, business leaders ​and experts who are willing to lend their time and ​expertise during Urban Launch School Spring ​Accelerator. We rely on our community to help ​support our participants.

If you know a little something, something about ​business and want to lend your time and ​expertise to volunteer at a workshop, talk on a ​panel or mentor a business, fill out our volunteer ​application below.

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We Are Looking For

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Mentors for ​businesses

The goal is to pair wise mentors ​paired up with eager businesses, ​connecting for regular heart-to-​heart chats every two weeks. The ​mission? To give a helping hand ​to each businesses as they grow ​and thrive through the program, ​while also being a buddy to ​bounce ideas off of and tackle ​challenges with.

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Panelist ​Recommendations ​for Workshops

Over the years, we’ve had some ​star-studded panel of business ​gurus, all in one room, ready to ​share their wisdom with our ​participants! We've brought ​together the best and brightest ​in finance, compliance, ​marketing, strategy, and more, to ​chat it up with our lucky cohort. ​But we want to grow our ​community. We want to know ​who else out there is a business ​mastermind. If you or someone ​you know is a guru we need to ​have apart of our sessions, fill out ​the application below and let's ​make magic happen!

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We are seeking volunteers to assist ​with workshops and engage with ​entrepreneurs in our ULS cohort. ​Volunteers will play a key role in ​supporting participants while they ​engage in their 12-week journey ​and participate in each workshop. ​Volunteers are an important part of ​our program.

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